Sell your house yourself with the assistance of an Attorney Real Estate Advisor.

The real estate industry has gone through a transformation.  Gone are the days that real estate agents had a monopoly on the information regarding the houses that are listed on the market and the prices.   This information is now available for free on Zillow and other real estate websites.   Homeowners now list their houses for sale on these websites themselves without agreeing to pay a real estate agent a large commission which could be between 5% to 10% of the sales price.    The secret in real estate industry is that real estate agents spend a large amount of their time marketing to home sellers to try to get the listing and less time selling houses.   Buyers, especially millennial buyers, now go on Zillow even if they have a real estate agent and tell the agent what houses they want to see. 

The agent commission model is obsolete and expensive.  Paying a large commission usually doesn’t provide a value to the home seller.   Sellers don’t need real estate agents any longer.   It’s not hard to take photos of your house or have some professional photos taken.  Uploading the photos and placing the house for sale by owner on a free internet real estate website is easy.    Nor is it hard to set up a showing or to open your door and let a buyer look at your house.

What most sellers are afraid of is NEGOTIATING.   Most home sellers don’t negotiate for a living.  They don’t know how to research the market to determine an offering price.  They don’t know the process of selling a home once they find a buyer.   And most of all they are nervous about negotiating a deal once a buyer makes an offer.    

Our attorney can be your Real Estate Home Sale Advisor to assist you with the things that you don’t know of can’t do yourself.  We will guide them from listing the property to contract to closing.

For a flat Real Estate Advisor Fee of $1000 per transaction our attorney can guide you through the process of selling your home on your own without a real estate agent.

What’s included.

  1. Assistance with creating the for sale by owner account with Zillow or Truiia.
  2. Assistance with how to determine a market sale price for your home.
  3. Advice on hiring a professional photographer or taking your own photos of the property.
  4. Drafting a sales contract to present to potential buyers.
  5. Assisting you with negotiating with potential buyer or buyer’s real estate agent if the buyer has a real estate agent.
  6. Advise on how to deal with buyer’s agent.   You are not required to agree to pay a buyer’s agent a real estate commission if they choose to show your property to their buyer.  However, you should have an agreement regarding as to whether a commission will be paid to a real estate agent of a prospective buyer prior to agreeing to show the house.  Our office will provide you with a form buyer’s agent form agreement and assist you with negotiating with the agent on the commission if you choose to offer one. 
  7. Assistance with routine issues that may arise after a contract is entered into up to the closing of the transaction.

What is not included:

  1. Title and Closing Fees. Closing services and title insurance are not included in the Real Estate Advisor Flat Fee   Our firm can also close the transaction and issue title insurance.  The closing and title insurance premium are an additional fee which is competitive with other closing companies in the area.  Closing fees are based on the sale price.
  2. The Flat Real Estate Advisor Fee does not include representation with contracts disputes between the seller in the buyer either prior to closing or post-closing.  

What you are responsible for:

  1. Deciding on the price of that you will offer the property.   If you would like an appraisal to assist you in determining the sales price you are responsible for paying the costs of the appraisal.
  2. Handle phone calls and inquiries from potential buyers or buyer’s real estate agent and scheduling showings.
  3. If a real estate agent represents the buyer, you must determine if you will offer to pay a commission to the buyer’s agent and have a written agreement as to the amount of the commission prior to agreeing to show the property.  You are not required to agree to pay the buyers agent any commission if you wish.  
  4. Showing the property to potential buyers.
  5. Deciding on the contract sale price that you will accept from a buyer.
  6. Coordinating with buyers to allow inspections of the property.
  7. Executing the deed and closing documents prepared by the closing agent.
  8. Paying closing costs and governmental fees that the seller agrees to pay under the contract.
  9. If the buyer has a real estate agent and you have agreed to pay a commission to the buyer’s agent, you are responsible for paying the commission out of the closing proceeds.