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Our attorneys at the Trunkett Law Firm understand how difficult it is to keep up with student loans, especially as you are balancing other debts and expenses.  Contact our office if you are feeling overwhelmed with student loan debt.

Is your current student loan payment too high?

Do you need a lower student loan payment?

Are you in default with your student loan?

Are you receiving calls from debt collectors?

Has legal action been taken against you for your student loan default?

Are you being threatened with wage garnishment or tax refund seizure?

Understanding your rights and responsibilities for student loans is not simple.  Student loans come in many different forms, some private and some federal, and based upon the type of loan you have, you have different rights and the lenders have different remedies available to them for collection.

Some loans provide options for lower payment amounts, lower interest rates, or other repayment options.   Some loans provide opportunities for forbearance or income-based repayment amounts, or sometimes even loan forgiveness.  If you are behind in your payments or in default, remedies available to the lenders are also determined by what kind of loan you have.  Some are required to file conventional lawsuits, but some lenders are able to garnish wages or seize bank accounts without going through any legal procedures.

Our office will provide a comprehensive and personalized analysis of your student loans so that we can assist you in understanding your repayment options, understand what happens if you are in default, and discuss your options with you.  Together, we will assist you in determining the best options and make a plan of action to help you solve your student loan problems.

Some options may include:

  • extended repayment plans (with lower monthly payments)
  • reduced monthly payments
  • income based repayment plans (payments based upon your ability to pay)
  • lower interest rates
  • consolidation
  • deferment
  • forbearance
  • loan cancellation or loan forgiveness
  • stop or delay collection actions
  • stop collection calls and letters
  • credit report clean-up
  • protection from harassing, abusive, or unfair communications by debt collectors
  • negotiated settlements
  • special options available within the terms of the loan
  • prevention or termination of wage garnishment, tax refund seizures, or other garnishments
  • repayment through a chapter 13 bankruptcy

Our office will guide you through your options, and together we will develop a strategy that will best respond to your student loan problem.  Our office will also provide direct representation in communications with the debt collection agencies or loan servicers so that you no longer have to deal with them.

Our goal is to find the best solution based upon your available remedies.

For help with your student loan issues, call the Trunkett Law Firm for a free consultation at 239-790-4529.